2011 Lee Tunis Memorial Golf Outing

The annual Lee Tunis Memorial Golf outing will take place at Newark Country Club on April 13, 2011, at 9:30 am. The cost is $95.00, which includes lunch. cart, golf, prizes and fun. You need to contact Roger Morley at Morley Roger .

We have gotten much better attendance from some of the younger brothers and some of the actives. Come out and enjoy a great day.

Annual KAEF Meeting

The Annual KAEF Board meeting will take place on April 14, 2011 at the KAstle. The meeting will start at 10:00 am and there will be lunch afterwards. Come out and find out what is going on with Beta Epsilon. The Board is open to new members and ideas.

KAstle in the news

KA- BE is on the front page of the Review - for something good!


The article recognizes "iconic" student houses in Newark!

2011 Chapter Visit by Jake Howse from National

The following is a report prepared by the Associate Director for Chapter Services “ADCS” who visited your chapter. Please read the report carefully and share the information with your officers and members. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your ADCS to assist you.
Filed by: Jake Howse (540) 784-8811 jhowse@ka-order.org
Chapter: Beta Epsilon
School: University of Delaware
Visit Date: March 7-9, 2011
Website: www.kaud.net
Number I: Scott Sussin
No. I Cell Phone: (845) 264-0443
Email Address: ssussin@udel.edu
Alternate Phone: Luke Smith / (973) 224-6893
Province Commander: Douglas Ewalt
Email Address: Douglas.Ewalt@BBandT.com
Greek Advisor: Scott Mason (Interim)
Email Address: Avenger@udel.edu
Alumnus Advisor: Dr. Steve Hastings
Email Address: Sehastings1@yahoo.com
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Steve Hastings
Email Address: Sehastings1@yahoo.com
Chapter Induction: 3/13/11 11
Date Number of Men
Chapter Initiation: TBD TBD
Date Number of Men
Executive Summary
Beta Epsilon is blessed with an incredible KAstle right in the middle of University of Delaware’s campus and the brothers do a fine job with the up keep of the house. This past Fall Beta Epsilon achieved a 3.05 GPA which is above the all-men’s average. The active chapter stands at 68 members which is above the IFC average for chapter size. The brothers are commended for their efforts. The chapter could be an award winning chapter if they focus on improving their operations in certain areas. The chapter is ranked 7th out of 17 IFC chapters for their chapter’s GPA. Beta Epsilon could become one of the top chapters on campus by instituting a written scholarship plan with incentives for brothers who achieve success. Ideas for a strong scholarship plan were shared with the Number III and the goal is for the chapter to be above the all-men’s and all-IFC average GPAs. Alumni relations could be greatly improved by utilizing social networking. The 1300+ Beta Epsilon alumni could be invited to join the chapter’s Facebook page. A list of all initiated brothers can be sent to the chapter if they would like to undertake this operation. The chapter’s ritual proficiency is not meeting the standard of 75% memorization. The specifics on how to coordinate a proper initiation ceremony were shared with the officers involved. A substantial amount of time and effort must be invested in practicing for the ceremony to achieve the Order’s standard for ritual proficiency. The chapter plans on submitting an Ammen application this year. By documenting their progress throughout the year, it will streamline the application process and give Beta Epsilon the best chance of winning an award. Each officer has been instructed on the individual duties of his office. If each member works diligently to achieve success in his position, the chapter can become an award winning chapter.
Opportunities for Improvement
Get every brother on an OmegaFi contract (Immediately)
Order dual signature checks to become compliant with
KA Law (Immediately)
Return sorority composites
Create a written scholarship program with proper incentives
Update recruitment action plan
Set initiation practice schedule
Purchase missing regalia items (April 1
Keep track of community service hours and philanthropy event details (Ongoing)
Apply for Award for Chapter Excellence (Ongoing)
Utilize Facebook to communicate with Beta Epsilon alumni (Ongoing)

Grade Point Average
Grading Scale: 4.00 Active: 3.136
Term: Fall 2010 New Member: 2.261
Chapter: 3.051 Academic Rank: 7 of 17
Formal Fall Recruitment Open Recruitment/Bidding Year-Round
Formal Spring Recruitment Deferred Recruitment
No Formal Recruitment Delayed Recruitment
Active Chapter Minimum Expectations
Ritual Proficiency 25 (% Memorized) 2-4 (# of Practices)
Academic Performance 2.97 (All-Men’s Average) 3.14 (IFC Average)
Membership Growth 68 (Chapter Size) 43 (IFC Average)
National Financial Status $0.00 (Owed to NAO) $0.00 (Other)
Membership Education Programming (Date) (% of Chapter)
(Date) (% of Chapter)
(Date) (% of Chapter)
(Date) (% of Chapter)
Chapter Checklist
customs ID #: M393 M394 Fireproof safe/lock box
Charter Written Member Awaiting Initiation Program
Complete set of Regalia New Member Supplement
Officer Jewels No Hazing Poster displayed ($100 fine)
Chapter Register Written Scholarship Program
Chapter Minutes Project Outreach Information
Kappa Alpha Laws Alumni Newsletter
Chapter Bylaws Complete Set of Manuals and Guides
Council of Honor Program Officer Notebooks
Robert’s Rules of Order Written Recruitment Plan
Written Budget Certified Chapter Recruiter
Filed IRS Form 990 Chapter has a Cannon
Reconciliation of financial transaction Cannon has been rendered inoperable
Chapter Phone List and Roster Alumni Advisory Committee (3 or more)
Compliance with Risk Management
Dry Rush/Recruitment Events No purchase of Alcohol
Closed Parties Hazing
Fire Safety Dry Member Awaiting Initiation Functions
Social Function Management
Non-Drinking party monitors Risk Management Certificate complete
Safe transportation available Stamp ID to control underage drinking
Tag/Ticket system Alt. Food/Beverage provided
Security Guards Emergency #’s posted
Crisis Management plan Maintains a copy of the R.M. policy
Chapter House (Occupancy/Capacity) 19/21
Corporate Name: Kappa Alpha Educational Foundation Corporate Location: 19 Amstel Avenue, Newark, DE 19711
Corporate Date: 01-01-1950 Square Footage: 10,268
President: Roger L. Morley Internet: Yes
Phone: (302) 547-5645 Library/Study Room: No
Email: rmorley@garrettliners.com Chapter Room: No
Property Value: N/A
Corp. Contact: Roger L. Morley Annual Student Rent: N/A
Phone: (302) 547-5645 Average Campus Rent: N/A
Email: rmorley@garrettliners.com Sprinklers
Educational Sessions with Chapter During Visit
Risk Management (2 hrs) The Kappa Alpha Order Risk Management Policy was discussed with the chapter as well as the new members. All were given an opportunity to ask questions about the policy. The Claim & Dispute Resolution Plan was discussed with both groups as well.
Philanthropy (1 hr) Beta Epsilon should advertise all community service and philanthropy events to the entire Newark community. The chapter could easily put on a KA blood drive. The philanthropy chairman was encouraged to keep track of all community service hours and events using an Excel spreadsheet. He was also instructed on how to complete the Project Outreach Report.
Recruitment (1 hr) The chapter must remember that philanthropy events double as recruitment events, if they are done on campus. The chapter should partner with a Newark mobile blood bank and host an “Operation Crimson Gift Blood Drive” on campus. The recruitment officers were reminded to advertise the chapter’s outstanding GPA to all new members during the recruitment cycle.
Scholarship (1 hr) The Number III was introduced on the elements of a strong written scholarship plan which includes incentives for individual chapter members and new members. The chapter’s Google Docs page could be used to upload class evaluations. The scholarship program should include some type of monetary budget.
Public Relations (1 hr) The chapter’s Public Relations strategy was discussed with numerous chapter officers. The chapter was encouraged to send flowers to sororities on their Founder’s Day. The chapter should get positive chapter news published in the local and school newspaper.
Alumni Relations (1 hr) The chapter could create a Beta Epsilon (University of Delaware) Facebook page and use it as their main form of communication with Alumni.
Finances (1 hr) The VI was reminded to keep accurate memos on each check. We reviewed helpful features on OmegaFi. Each member should get on an OmegaFi contract as soon as possible. All new member dues should be collected two weeks prior to initiation. Dual signatures are required on every check drawn from the chapter’s account, according to KA Law.
KA Laws (30 min) The Number VII was briefed on the important laws in Titles 8, 9, and 12. The chapter should institute a working Prudential Committee. The “opposition to chapter growth” law could be utilized to ensure the chapter is able to extend bids to quality young men.
Ammen Award (15 min) The chapter should divide the Award for Chapter Excellence among the chapter officers to make the application process manageable.